Vase Three

Vase Three
Vase Three Vase Three Vase Three

Vase One, Two and Three start off as two-dimensional drawings composed of simple geometric shapes. Arranging these forms brings out the vase that lies within. By preserving the two dimensional geometrical backbones of the vases in the three dimensional shape, an intriguing image is created. Making you wonder if the geometry has brought forth the vase or if the perfect shape of the vase enables the geometric cohesion instead. The vases stretch the boundaries of what is possible with the 3d printing technique. They combine an ultra-smooth curved surface with a paper thin wall thickness, giving them a translucent quality that is impossible to achieve with even the finest bone china.

design: David van der Veldt

Price: € 575.00
Ex Tax: € 475.21 for orders outside EU
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