Screw It Vase (small)

Screw It Vase (small)
Screw It Vase (small) Screw It Vase (small) Screw It Vase (small) Screw It Vase (small) Screw It Vase (small)

Making clever use of the universal PET bottle screw top, the Screw It Vase (small) transforms 3 single use PET bottles (0,5 l) you add yourself, into a beautiful vase that is made to last. 



Make sure the three bottles are the same height for the vase to stand upright. For easy filling, first fill all the bottles with water (half full is perfect) and then screw them into the connector one by one.

Price: € 30.00
Ex Tax: € 24.79 for orders outside EU

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