Making a difference / A difference in making

We are thrilled that Screw It dog is part of the exhibition Making a difference / A difference in making, curated by Marta Malé-Alemany and organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Materialise.
Date added: 13/04/2015

YouFab Global Creative Award

Screw It vase is awarded as a finalist of the YouFab Global Creative Award 2014.
Date added: 29/10/2014

Printing Things by Gestalten

The Screw It collection is featured in the extensive overview of what's going on in the field of 3d printing at the moment: Printing Things by Gestalten.
Date added: 24/06/2014

LAYERS @ Artemis

LAYERS is part of the 3D expo in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis
Date added: 10/06/2014

no waste of shape

Designer David Graas talks a bit about his Screw It vase and how its design counter acts the waste of shape of the omni present single use PET bottle.
Date added: 31/01/2014

WIRED store

We're very proud that Huddle is featured in the annual WIRED concept store in New York City!
Date added: 06/12/2013

Publication in Volkskrant magazine

Nice shot of the Screw It vase in the Volkskrant magazine this weekend
Date added: 11/11/2013

Dutch Design Week 2013

LAYERS and the Screw It collection will be presented during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Freak presentation in the Best Western Art Hotel.
Date added: 20/09/2013
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Layers continuously seeks the outer limits of what 3d printing has to offer for product design: small scale production of clever products tailored to the needs and preferences of people. 3d printed on demand and close to the customer location. No more transport of products, but transport of data that is turned into a product by the 3d printer just around the corner. Your corner...