About Us

We are LAYERS, a design label founded in 2013 by David Graas, a Dutch product designer. We make 3d printed products that are smart, minimal and outspoken. We take pride in what we do. Carefully conceiving, designing and producing our products. And only adding new members to the collection when we are absolutely satisfied and feel that they will stand the test of time. 


'We believe design should limit itself to the essential. This leads to clear and trend free products that never go out of style'
'The products I design are very personal. They are an expression of what intrigues me as a designer. It's always special to see when other people can appreciate them as well' (David Graas)


'With 3d printing we produce on demand. Our stock is 100% digital'


Where can I buy it?
Right here! Layersindesign.com is the official online store for all of our unique products. With large products images, showing them from every angle, you know exactly what you buy. Since we hold no stock, we start producing the minute you order. Products are shipped worldwide, usualy within two weeks after you order. We keep you up to date all the way by e-mail, so you know exactly what's going on. And if you happen not to like what we send you, you can return it to us and we will refund your purchase. Please also refer to our exchanges & return policy.


A special thanks to the people that make LAYERS look so sharp:
graphic design & corporate identity: cupoftea
photography: Tim Stet

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We are a design label dedicated to bring to you 3d printed products that stand out from the crowd.

Layers continuously seeks the outer limits of what 3d printing has to offer for product design: small scale production of clever products tailored to the needs and preferences of people. 3d printed on demand and close to the customer location. No more transport of products, but transport of data that is turned into a product by the 3d printer just around the corner. Your corner...